February 20, 2015

The Denim World Championship Contest 2015

Calling all Rivet Heads! We're looking for a few good men to represent Brave Star Selvage in the #DenimWorldChampionships 2015.
We will be entering two categories 11oz -14oz & 15oz - 18oz with two pairs allocated for each category. These pairs will be offered free of charge to the selected ambassadors chosen to represent Brave Star Selvage. We ask that the chosen ambassador(s) pay the minimal $20 registration fee which gives you a vested interest in this prestigious event. The contest runs for two (2) years from May1st 2015 thru April 30th 2017.
WARNING: This is a hardcore contest for only the most committed denim heads! If your in then your in for the long haul!

Head on over to facebook.com/bravestarselvage to get the lowdown on how to enter!!

Good Luck & Stay Raw.