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Short Sleeve Democracy

October 07, 2015


Brave Star Selvage American Made T Shirt Organic Cotton with Selvedge DenimLike Jeans, the T-shirt has become one of the most universal pieces of clothing on the planet. The history and symbolic importance of the knitted cotton jersey is often overlooked, despite being a classic American icon and ultimate medium of branding in modern culture. Whether you have the budget of a president or peasant, everyone owns a t-shirt. Dropping Oct 7th, we'll be bringing the classic American staple to your doorsteps. Cutting out the middleman and making the aspirational attainable. Affordable American made goods; that's our mission. 



Navy sailors in California began wearing the undershirts because the cotton had a faster drying time than the flannel material they were using for their button up shirts with collars. The undershirt eventually became so synonymous with the American navy that the ease of slipping on the shirts became known as the "american armhole." This eventually gave way to the 3/4 sleeve after orders to better cover their tattoos (which is maybe why all sailors had forearm tattoos?).

The lack of collar and open neck gave a sense of informality and attainability to the U.S. Navy, which was the pinnacle of "cool" during the WWII time thanks to government advertising hoping to entice more recruits. The shirt continued to entrench itself in war culture because of the many uses of the shirt: wash rag, knapsack, even white flag when necessary. Eventually more color dyes were brought in because white was too easy of a color for the military to see. By the end of WWII, the sight of people showing up in their 3/4 sleeve knitted jerseys became synonymous with hope and liberation and thus the t-shirt established itself as the symbol of democracy. 

Brave Star Selvage American Made T Shirt Organic Cotton with Selvedge Denim

The T-shirt entrenched itself as the new "American Cool," transcending social classes and worn by the likes of the working class, Elvis Presley, James Dean, and JFK. and it was no longer just aspirational, it was attainable to all. As a Sears ad in the late 1950's portrays: "You Shouldn't Be a Soldier to Have your own Personal T-shirt." We agree Sears, we agree. 

Stay Raw, 


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October 07, 2017


Thanks to the folks over at Men's Journal for bringing the good news to the uninitiated that investing in a top quality, American Made, raw selvedge denim jacket doesn't have to cost a small fortune. 

Brave Star Selvage The Ironside 14oz Selvadge Denim Jacket
7 8

Brave Star Selvage

The Ironside 14oz Selvedge Denim Jacket

Fourteen ounces is a heavier weight for denim lovers who truly enjoy a lengthy break-in period. But that extra heft is worth the work out and the less polished look of the the non-gassed fabric will only get better with age. The jacket was designed with a straight fit and sleeves that move better than most, so you won’t feel tied down while you’re breaking it in.


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September 28, 2017

Thanks once again to The Denim Hound for featuring and reviewing our new Cone Mills unfinished 14oz in the Regular Taper fit. 

Fit: Regular Taper. A roomy top block and thighs with a strong taper down the leg.

Measurements (size 32): Waist 35″, rise 10.5″, back rise 15.2″, hip 19″, seat 19.6″, thigh 12″, knee 8.25″, hem 6.7″, inseam 37″. 1.5″ shrinkage on the waistband, 2″ on the inseam.

Fabric: 14oz 100% cotton, unfinished/un-singed sanforized selvedge denim from Cone Mills, White Oak. Right hand twill with a greycast to the indigo warp and white weft. This has to be one of the most character rich Cone denims I have ever seen. Very hairy with a good amount of nep. This denim also has very small, sporadic slub yarns in the warp and weft. It feels almost like an unsanforized denim. Cone denim usually has a tight weave using high tension yarns. This denim however, has a looser than usual weave, with medium tension yarns.


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January 21, 2017


Thanks to The Denim Hound for the review on the 21.5oz ultra heavyweight. Greg has a keen eye for all things indigo and has probably reviewed more selvedge denim than anyone else on this planet. Check it out here and give him a follow on his social channels.

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