1) What is raw denim? What is selvage denim? 

  • Raw Denim- Raw denim, also known as dry denim, skips the entire washing/laundering process in making a typical pair of jeans. One of the benefits of raw denim is getting to create your own look and "worn-in" look to the jeans as they fade with everyday wear. 
  • Selvage Denim- selvage or selvedge comes from term "self-edge" and refers to the vintage type of shuttle loom that weaves the denim with one continuous yarn called the weft. Because of this, the denim will not fray or come apart, which can be seen from the desirable selvage id lines when you cuff your jeans. 
  • For a full rundown on selvage and raw denim, check out this very informative post from our friends at Heddels 

2) How do your Jeans fit in comparison to other brands? 

  • We have put comparisons to Levi's and Nudies on each silhouette we offer, but this is just an estimate not an absolute way of measuring your jeans.
  • Denim Hunters has a great article on measuring your jeans for online purchasing HERE 
  • For a more thorough view of our sizing, you can check our sizing chart here
  • If you have any troubles, please be sure to email us at customerservice@bravestarselvage.com. In the event that you need to exchange your received jeans for a new pair, here is the process: 

3) Should I wash my jeans and when?

4) Do you make custom made jeans? 

  • Although that was the premise of our Kickstarter campaign, we have not yet developed the infrastructure to make this a reality. Be sure to join our email newsletter to stay on top of when we start to roll our our new custom-made program!  

5) Do you offer refunds? 

    • We offer returns for exchanges in the form of an electronic gift card but we do not offer returns for cash refunds. When a jean is purchased it takes away the purchasing opportunity from another customer and many of our jeans are cut to order and all of our jeans are made in limited runs that sell out very quickly. Because of this we do not offer refunds unless if the product is damaged. However, you will receive a gift card for your exchange that you can use on any Brave Star Product and it never expires!
    • We are a small business that is trying to make craft goods accessible by offering the most democratic prices as possible. This policy is one of the trade-offs that we have to make in order to sufficiently run our business with such low prices. Please understand this before purchasing! :) 
  • If you email us within 48 hours of purchasing the jeans, we do allow for a "cooling off" period on orders and in that case will give a cash refund for your order cancellation. 
    • Please see Question Number 6 for what to do if your received jeans do not fit. 

    6) Do you offer exchanges if the jeans don't fit? 

    • Yes we do! If the jeans do not fit you can mail them back to us for a Brave Star Gift Card that does not expire. This Gift Card can be used to purchase a different size or any other type of Brave Star Product. 
    • Here is a snapshot of the Exchange Process:
      1. Customers can request an RA on the "Exchanges" tab of our website. Once the exchange request procedure has been completed you will receive an email instructing you where to ship the package back to. 
      2. Once received at the warehouse, we will process your item(s) and an electronic gift card will be emailed to you. You can use this no-expiration date gift card to purchase a new size or on any other Brave Star product 
  • Please See our Exchange Policy for more detailed information on the Exchange Process 
    • 6) Can you hem the jeans for us? 

      • Yes, we are currently offering hemming service on all purchases. This service must be purchased at the same time as your jeans and can be added as a 'product' to your shopping cart to enable a seamless shopping experience.
      • Hemming will take an extra 7-10 business days for order processing 
      • All hems are final sale - no returns or exchanges. If you are uncertain on sizing, you can order the jeans without the custom hem and then send back the jean for hemming anytime. 

      7) Is your Denim Sanforized? 

      • Unless specifically advertised differently, all of our denim is "sanforized". 

        8) What happens once my jean leaves your warehouse? 

        • We ship all of our orders via USPS and we give our customers a tracking number to track the order. Once an order leaves our warehouse we do not assume responsibility of the item ordered nor can we assist in finding packages that are marked as delivered or missing in transit. Please take notice of this before making your purchase. If your order is missing in transit, you will need to contact USPS to get your package delivered. 
        • For international Shipping Information, Read Here

        9) The denim I want is no longer in stock, what gives? 

        • We aim to source the most interesting and limited denim in the world. Because of this, we are usually sourcing selvage denim with limited stock that we will not be restocking. We will always re-stock our fits (slim straight, true straight etc.) but we usually do not re-stock our fabrics (blue collar 13.5oz cone mills, etc.). I would not wait for a restock of a particular denim that you saw in the past, but instead jump on a new pair of denim that you see available in your size! 

        10) I just placed my order, what's next? 

        • We process all orders in 5-7 business days from the time they were placed. You will also receive an email with tracking notification once it ships. Please note that this does not apply to pre-orders or orders with a custom hem service, which will take longer! You can always email customerservice@bravestarselvage.com for an update on your order status.