Fully Stocked (Finally!)

October 19, 2014


 Hello Rivet Heads,

We've just taken stock of our largest delivery to date - all four fits and a denim jacket in 5 different qualities of Cone Mills selvedge denims! We couldn't be more fired up about the new shades, weaves & weights that have emerged from the indigo baths of North Carolina. From a 13.5oz 1940's shade to the beastly 16.5oz saturated indigo which we've now been carrying for the past two years. These new selvages are the epitome of the American denim craft and cannot be imitated or duplicated. So far the response has been phenomenal and we have started selling out of certain sizes and weights with plenty of great feedback from those in possession already (of selvedge of course! what you carry in those pockets is none of our business : ) If you haven't ordered from this new batch yet there's still time, so what are you waiting for?

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Stay Raw,


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MEN'S JOURNAL - Preaching the Good News...

October 07, 2017


Thanks to the folks over at Men's Journal for bringing the good news to the uninitiated that investing in a top quality, American Made, raw selvedge denim jacket doesn't have to cost a small fortune. 

Brave Star Selvage The Ironside 14oz Selvadge Denim Jacket
7 8

Brave Star Selvage

The Ironside 14oz Selvedge Denim Jacket

Fourteen ounces is a heavier weight for denim lovers who truly enjoy a lengthy break-in period. But that extra heft is worth the work out and the less polished look of the the non-gassed fabric will only get better with age. The jacket was designed with a straight fit and sleeves that move better than most, so you won’t feel tied down while you’re breaking it in.

[$120; bravestarselvage.com]

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September 28, 2017

Thanks once again to The Denim Hound for featuring and reviewing our new Cone Mills unfinished 14oz in the Regular Taper fit. 

Fit: Regular Taper. A roomy top block and thighs with a strong taper down the leg.

Measurements (size 32): Waist 35″, rise 10.5″, back rise 15.2″, hip 19″, seat 19.6″, thigh 12″, knee 8.25″, hem 6.7″, inseam 37″. 1.5″ shrinkage on the waistband, 2″ on the inseam.

Fabric: 14oz 100% cotton, unfinished/un-singed sanforized selvedge denim from Cone Mills, White Oak. Right hand twill with a greycast to the indigo warp and white weft. This has to be one of the most character rich Cone denims I have ever seen. Very hairy with a good amount of nep. This denim also has very small, sporadic slub yarns in the warp and weft. It feels almost like an unsanforized denim. Cone denim usually has a tight weave using high tension yarns. This denim however, has a looser than usual weave, with medium tension yarns.


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January 21, 2017


Thanks to The Denim Hound for the review on the 21.5oz ultra heavyweight. Greg has a keen eye for all things indigo and has probably reviewed more selvedge denim than anyone else on this planet. Check it out here www.thedenimhound.com and give him a follow on his social channels.

21.5oz Ultra Heavyweight selvedge denim made in the USA

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