July 14, 2015

Just Launched! The Tapered Selvage Chino

We have just released a very limited run of our brand new Tapered Chino in authentic 8.8oz Cramerton selvage army cloth for Pre Order starting today July 14!

What exactly is Cramerton Army Cloth?

Cramerton’s famous 8.8oz “Army khaki” was first manufactured in 1929.  Major Stuart W. Cramer, Jr. an officer in the US Army strongly influenced the decision to develop an improved fabric for military uniforms.  Developed out of necessity after the failure of the “doughboy” uniforms used by the military in World War I, Cramerton Army Cloth became the standard basic uniform cloth throughout the armed forces. This fabric saw service through World War II, the Korean and Vietnam Wars.

At the beginning of World War II, Cramer voluntarily released the technical know-how to allow other producers to duplicate his fabric as “Cramerton Army Cloth”. It is still being produced in South Carolina by the original mill.

The pricing on these is exceptional and we have never seen this cloth available at the price we just released it at - so head on over to the Pre Order page and find out what we have been working on for the past couple months!

Stay Raw,