January 11, 2015

Fade to Black

Hello Rivet Heads

Our first post of 2015 finds us recharged and restocked! First up is the Slim Straight - we have restocked all five qualities from the Holidays and have added our first black selvage. This is a 13.5oz 3 x 1 RHT with a natural fill yarn woven at the legendary Cone Mills White Oak plant. Black selvage was first introduced in 1950 as a one off but quickly gained notoriety as the jean of choice for outsiders and its been breakin' hearts and bustin' heads ever since. Exaggerated slub yarns will give nice uneven fade characteristics. Expect this to fade to a beautiful dusty grey in due time. Jean details include a black leather patch, neutral tan stitching and antique nickel hardwareThis is an extremely limited run and at $79 it's a wise investment for those of you who have not yet added a pair of black selvage to the rotation yet.

Stay tuned for news on restock in the True Straights next...