January 24, 2014

The Killing of the Buffalo

"...There are people round here that don't take kindly to the killing of the buffalo" Genocide (Thin Lizzy)

The American Denim Industry is much like the plight of the American Bison. The Bison were almost extinct when a few people had the vision to save, revive and protect them.The Bisons history is a noble one. Most of our highways today formerly were Bison trials making them the original trailblazers.
Today, due to the efforts of many they  have been revived and again are part of the American landscape

The same is true of Brave Star Selvage. We are building a new future in what was seen as a dying industry. Just as the Bison we have a vision of reviving American denim manufacturing starting with selvage jeans and jackets.

Brave Star Selvage represents the best in American craftsmanship and denim heritage.