January 06, 2014

Be a Symbol

There was a time when you could get clothes for an affordable price without worrying about the garment falling apart the next month. In response to the Fast Fashion movement, where mass consumption shifted clothing and apparel from quality to quantity, smaller boutiques and brands have adapted to a new niche of offering unique and expensive styles with much larger margins to compensate for their smaller quantities. 

At Brave Star Selvage Denim, we had a crazy idea: What if we offered the same durable and lasting products, made in America, but still offered them at an affordable and sustainable price?  

 We source all of our denim from Cone Mills in North Carolina, the oldest working mill in the world. Not only do we source domestically, we also manufacture all of our jeans in our factory in LA without outsourcing production overseas. Our goal is simple,quality should never be aspirational

As American manufacturers, our everyday existence is a symbol of rebellion.

Brave Star Selvage. Unapologetically Affordable.