Brave Star Raw Denim Soap


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When In Doubt Trust Nature.

We know how much effort and wear time you've invested breaking in your Brave Star's so the last thing you want to do is dump a cup of generic laundry detergent that is baseline battery acid on your perfectly broken in raw denim. Most commercial laundry powders and detergents are made from petrochemicals specifically formulated to remove stains at any cost which invariably requires utilizing a multitude of chemical scouring and bleaching agents in order to accomplish this. Sure, they'll be clean and smell like lavender but these detergents will eat away and 'flatten' the vibrant indigo dye and even completely remove the contrast of your fades. These harsh powders and detergents have highly active scouring agents that also cling to the cotton fibers and as they build up over time, will compromise the integrity of the yarn causing breakage and seam disintegration. What's the solution then?

Liquid Salvation.

For thousands of years our ancestors utilized nature's laboratory to feed, heal and help themselves in their everyday lives including the use of plant based saponins (natures soap) as a cleaning agent for their clothes and personal hygiene. Over 100 different types of plants make saponin - sometimes it's found in the leaves of the plant, in the stem or roots or in the fruits such as berries.

Our new soap formula utilizes the same natural saponins made from the highest quality organic plant extract and is grown, harvested and bottled right here in the USA. The saponin surfactant is Nature's superior cleaning agent and will remove stains and purge bacteria while preserving indigo color fastness and integrity of the yarn. It's also 100% dye and scent free. In fact, our soap is so pure that during the testing phase we used it as a cleaning agent in a multitude of household and personal applications including use in dishwashers, fruit and vegetable wash, pet shampoo, hand soap and even body wash and hair shampoo. There's no doubt then that our liquid soap is hands down the safest and highest quality denim soap you can use on your denim jeans and jackets. We encourage you use it for all your laundry needs especially if you value chemical and scent free clothing.

*Bottle shape and label are mockups and subject to change pending final approval. 

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    • 100% Pure Plant Extract (Amphipathic Glycoside)
    • Vegetable Glycerin
    • Olive Leaf Extract (olea europea leaf extract)
    • Potassium Sorbate
    • Grape Seed Extract
    • Sorbic Acid


    • Grown, Harvested & Bottled in the USA
    • Preserves integrity of cotton denim fibers and superb for fine, delicate fabrics and wools 
    • Preserves Indigo color fastness
    • Dye and fragrance free 
    • SLS, NPE and phosphate free 
    • Formaldehyde free 
    • Petro-chemical free 
    • Chlorine free 
    • PH neutral (6)
    • The absolute lowest carbon footprint of any detergent or cleaner.
    • Fully sustainable from a renewable resource.
    • Non-toxic and biodegradable.
    • Long 2+ year shelf life.

    What You Get:

    • One (1) 8.5oz PET Bottle with Extreme 18X concentrate soap (btw 96 - 200 wash loads)
    • Includes micro dose pump (2ml) for exact dosage every use. No waste. No Mess!
    • Grown, Harvested and Bottled right here in the USA.


    • One single dose (2ml) per pump is sufficient for multiple pairs of denim to be soaked simultaneously.
    • Ideal for High Efficiency (HE), all front loading and standard washing machines.
    • Safe for delicate fabrics.
    • Check out our wash guide here.

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