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Custom Inseam Chain Stitch Hem Service

Custom Inseam Chain Stitch Hem Service - Brave Star Jean

If you need your selvage denim hemmed to a custom inseam then look no further. There is only one way to chain stitch a selvedge denim hem and that's on a folder equipped Union Special 43200g. Why you ask? These machines create a desirable roping effect on the hem which is actually caused by a feed differential defect. What this means is that the fabric is metered through the folder (which feeds the hem to the needle) at a different speed than the feed dogs (on the bottom pulling the fabric) causing a push/pull effect on the hem which is what ultimately causes the roping effect. This roping effect is one of the characteristics that make vintage denim so desirable to collectors and the reason why these machines are so sought after now. The 43200g was first manufactured in 1939 and was phased out in the 80's. Because they were known for this mechanical defect a lot of them were abandoned, stripped for parts and exported to places such as North Africa and South East Asia. To find one in such good working condition as we have is truly rare.

NOTE: Please allow for 10-14  WORKING days (due to the current pandemic wait times for custom product might be delayed even further - up to 20 working days. If you cannot wait please DO NOT place a custom hem order) from the time your order is processed for hemming. Hemmed jeans are customized product and adjusted to your specifications. ALL CUSTOMIZED PRODUCTS ARE  FINAL SALE AND ARE NON REFUNDABLE.

Important Notes on Hemming:

1. If you have already placed your order without hem service and would now like to add a hem service to your un-shipped product, do not check out through this process. Please email us at CustomerService@BraveStarSelvage.com 

2. If you are sending a jean in your possession to be hemmed, then be sure to WASH YOUR JEANS before sending in. Our Hem Service operator will only work on jeans that have been washed beforehand. You can see our guide on washing your denim here.

3. If you are sending in a jean in your possession to be hemmed, you would purchase the custom hem service and then mail the jeans to us with the order number or printed order confirmation in the package. Our address is 230 Richmond Dr., El Segundo, CA, 90245