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The Regular Taper 17oz 'Slubsessive' Japan Selvage


For the seasoned denim head a 17oz selvedge should be your go to pair when you're not breaking in something heavier and this new drop of the 'slubsessive' easily holds its own against any heavier weight in terms of fade potential. The secret is the slubby warp which all but guarantees a high contrast wear due to the uneven yarns that will start chipping off their indigo after a couple weeks of solid wear. The rope dye yarns have a deep red cast indigo that is refreshingly different from some of the green cast and sulphur top indigos that we have featured recently. A classic red selvage iD finishes off this weave. We are super pumped to be offering this quality in all five fits although this 17oz is a 'one and done' drop.

What is Slub Yarn?

A quick refresher on what causes the irregular surface character of a 'slub' weave. Most selvedge denim woven these days will have some kind of slub effect as part of its yarn character - some more than others as this all depends on the irregularity of the yarns used in the weaving process - from slightly irregular yarns to vastly irregular yarns therefore allowing some denim to have a 'heavy slub' character versus a standard or slightly irregular character. The picture below will quickly explain what an irregular yarn looks like.

As you can see, there are thinner and thicker parts to the yarn fiber at varying intervals which is precisely what causes the slub character in denim. Aside from the difference in texture that slubby denim is noted for, its irregularity in yarn thickness also tends to result in very interesting fades. Specifically, these fades tend to run more vertically along the fabric than horizontally. The reason behind the unusual fading characteristics in slub denim is the vertical fading occurs because the indigo dyes tend to fade at different rates based on the varying thickness of the yarn used to produce the denim. So the parts of the yarn that sit the highest on the face of the denim will fade quicker than the yarns sitting lower. 

This vertical fading characteristic is also known as Tate-Ochi, or “vertical falls”, in Japanese.

Very Limited Run.




Unapologetically affordable. Uncommonly American.   

Details include:

  • Red Orange top stitching for authentic denim aesthetic
  • Sewn & chain stitched in all the right places on vintage Union Special, Reece & Singer machines.
  • A & E core spun poly thread for maximum strength & durability.
  • Embroidered star insignia on the right back pocket represents ‘Made in America’ status.
  • Button fly with double prong, donut style buttons. Old style pocket rivet burrs.
  • All hardware is made in Kentucky.
  • 5/6mm ultra thick, vegetable dyed leather iD patch. 
  • Leather back patches are cut & stamped in Los Angeles & waistband label is woven locally in Los Angeles.
  • Every aspect of the production is US made in Downtown Los Angeles.


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