True Straight 25oz 'Sumo IV' Japan Selvage Denim


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Selvage denim of this weight and caliber are rare, expensive and very difficult to manufacture here in the USA due to the sheer weight, thickness of the yarn and time factor involved in slowing down the production line.

Each sewing operation has to be considered and necessary adjustments need to be made to accommodate the weight. Our sewing operators are required to wear safety goggles during the sewing process due the frequent exploding needles which can be quite dangerous. Needless to say it's extremely time consuming due to the half speed at which the operations can be accomplished which makes it a very labor intensive production process. 

Taking the aforementioned challenges into consideration this is a huge value at $218. 

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The yarns used to weave this weight are two NE 3.5s yarns, extremely hefty and dense and used both in the warp and weft of the weave.


  • 25oz Super Heavyweight Selvage
  • 3X1 RHT Japanese Denim
  • Ultra Dark Rope Indigo
  • No Slub
  • Extra Long Staple Cotton
  • Red Selvage iD
  • Denim is Sanforized.
  • Red Orange top stitching for authentic denim aesthetic.
  • Sewn & chain stitched in all the right places on vintage Union Special, Reece & Singer machines.
  • A & E core spun poly thread for maximum strength & durability.
  • Button fly with double prong, donut style buttons. Old style pocket rivet burrs.
  • All hardware is made in Kentucky.
  • 6/7mm thick milled vegetable tan leather back patches.
  • Patches are cut & stamped in Los Angeles & waistband label is woven locally in Los Angeles.
  • Every aspect of the production is US made in Downtown Los Angeles. 

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