Fully Stocked (Finally!)

October 19, 2014

Ward in our Slim Straights soaking up the good news  that we just restocked the shop!  [photo courtesy of Tyler Ash]


Hello Rivet Heads,

We've just taken stock of our largest delivery to date - all four fits and a denim jacket in 5 different qualities of Cone Mills selvedge denims! We couldn't be more fired up about the new shades, weaves & weights that have emerged from the indigo baths of North Carolina. From a 13.5oz 1940's shade to the beastly 16.5oz saturated indigo which we've now been carrying for the past two years. These new selvages are the epitome of the American denim craft and cannot be imitated or duplicated. So far the response has been phenomenal and we have started selling out of certain sizes and weights with plenty of great feedback from those in possession already (of selvedge of course! what you carry in those pockets is none of our business : ) If you haven't ordered from this new batch yet there's still time, so what are you waiting for?

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Stay Raw,




Skeleton Skinny Selvedge Denim back in stock for Fall 14!

September 17, 2014

Skeleton Skinny's just waiting to be broken in...

Ok, so we know its been a while since these have been available on the site which is why we are so damn excited to crow about them. The Skeleton is a skinny jean in the truest sense. This is not a Slim Fit simply sized up one size - the fit was engineered for those of us that were blessed with the leanest of frames - specifically in the seat, thigh & knee that finishes to one of the narrowest bottom openings available anywhere!  Check out the size specs here . There are 5 unique weights and finishes all from Cone Mills starting @ 14oz all the way up to the heavies at 16.5oz (c'mon we dare you to break these in). Oh yeah did we mention that prices started at a ridiculous $79. Yep, there are plenty of typo's on our site but the price ain't one of them. BOOM...


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