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The Steadfast 'SuperNova' Ltd. Edition Selvage Denim Jacket

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The Steadfast SuperNova Ltd Edition has unofficially been around since 2016 and has never been available for purchase online. When our friends headed out on a roadtrip to Baja, Mexico they took the Supernova Jacket with them and sent us some postcards from the road. After we saw the pics and posted them on our social channels we got so many requests we decided to do an official release. A small batch limited run of 100pcs that have been custom embroidered and hand numbered in the last of our Cone Mills 'Blue Collar' selvage lot. 


Our Blue Collar selvage stock that we got from Cone when they closed up shop has finally run dry. If you've never had the opportunity to grab a pair of Blue Collar then we encourage you to do so now. Unless we're lucky enough to acquire deadstock in the future consider this to be the last drop.

Fabric Notes:

Definitely an all time favorite here at Brave Star, this 13.5oz weight from Cone embodies all that made this mill so legendary. Why? Quintessential working class American selvage denim. The kind that built this country and personified the term 'blue collar worker'. Before open end yarn took over in the 70's (low cost way of spinning yarn) all denim was woven with ring-ring yarn (time consuming and costly). Double ring spun yarn (or ring-ring yarn) means that both the warp and weft are ring spun. This is the traditional and more expensive way to weave denim and it produces the strongest and highest quality selvage bar none.This is why denim back in the day had such durability and could be used for most manual labor work. The indigo is one of Cone's darkest shades called Shade 18. Combined with the ring-ring yarn there is virtually no 'grin thru' from the weft yarn at all. Solid 3 x1 RHT. This is a quality that won't quit and is just perfect to take a year round beating. American selvage at its finest. Red selvage iD.

Fit Notes:

When we decided to make our first denim jacket back in 2006, we knew how it should fit - snug but not tight & should sit on the hips without being too short. The result is a modern classic - functional & timeless. Wear it over a white tee shirt or under a vintage leather jacket or peacoat, its hard to go wrong with this iconic garment.

Jacket Details:

  • Slim Fit
  • Back yoke full bleed (edge to edge) 'Supernova' embroidery 
  • Limited to 100pcs
  • two interior selvedge chest pockets.
  • selvedge plackets
  • selvedge detail adjustable waist tab
  • slanted exterior chest pockets for functional, easier access.
  • flat felled interior seams.
  • leather cowhide interior patch. 

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