The Slim Straight 14oz 'Golden Handshake' Cone Mills Selvage Denim

The Golden Handshake Revisited

On September 15th,1915, Cone Mills entered into an agreement with Levi® Strauss to weave denim for their rapidly expanding West Coast operation. This agreement was effectively a gentleman's agreement and became known as the 'Golden Handshake' deal. This deal granted Cone Mills the exclusive rights to produce the coveted selvage denim for all of Levi’s Lot 501® jeans which have since become the best selling, single article of clothing ever produced. 

When Cone made the announcement that they were closing the White Oak mill in 2017 it ended the Golden Handshake deal and closed a chapter on American denim manufacturing never to be reopened.

We've decided to prolong the Golden Handshake era by offering up this special 14oz quality originally made for Levis® in 2017 and then sold off after the closing of the mill. Not only is this a rare, off market quality but we're going to do our damnedest to give everyone the opportunity to get into a pair by setting the price at $68. No more, no less. Now that's a Golden Handshake we can get behind.

Note: Denim is sanforized and not shrink-to-fit®

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Details include:

  • Red Orange top stitching for authentic denim aesthetic.
  • Sewn & chain stitched in all the right places on vintage Union Special, Reece & Singer machines.
  • A & E core spun poly thread for maximum strength & durability.
  • Embroidered star insignia on the right back pocket represents ‘Made in America’ status.
  • Button fly with double prong, donut style buttons. Old style pocket rivet burrs.
  • All hardware is made in Kentucky.
  • Leather back patches are cut & stamped in Los Angeles & waistband label is woven locally in Los Angeles.
  • Every aspect of the production is US made in Downtown Los Angeles.


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