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The Regular Taper 15oz Double Black Selvage Denim


Fabric Notes:

We're always on the hunt for black selvage as its not easy to source high quality, black x black selvage and truth be told, the denim mills hate making it. Why? It's more expensive to produce than indigo selvage and the black dye contaminates the looms. So we are pumped to offer a limited quantity of 15oz double black (black warp, black weft) 3 x 1 quality in our Regular Taper style. A sulphur black dye in both warp and weft ensures awesome fade potential. This also has the slubbiest warp yarn that we've offered to date in a double black quality which gives the face more surface texture and less of a flat appearance than we're used to for black selvage. Classic Red Selvage iD finishes off this stunner.

Breaking in a pair of double black definitely has its own set of challenges and no self respecting denim head should ever shy away from the task as the reward is more than satisfying. This is a black that will deliver in spades and once fully broken in could possibly be one of the best pairs of denim in your quiver.


Details include:

  • 15oz Japanese Double Black Selvage Denim
  • All black stitching, leather patch & hardware.
  • Sewn & chain stitched in all the right places on vintage Union Special, Reece & Singer machines.
  • A & E core spun poly thread for maximum strength & durability.
  • Black embroidered star insignia on the right back pocket represents ‘Made in America’ status.
  • Button fly with double prong, donut style buttons. Old style pocket rivet burrs.
  • All hardware is made in Kentucky.
  • Leather back patches are cut & stamped in Los Angeles & waistband label is woven locally in Los Angeles.
  • Every aspect of the production is US made in Downtown Los Angeles.


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