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The Ironside 14.5oz 'Homespun' Cone Mills Selvage

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 CONE MILLS R.I.P 1905 - 2017

On Oct 18th Cone Mills announced that after 112 years in business they would be officially ceasing all production and operations and permanently close the White Oak plant in North Carolina as of Dec 31st 2017. Cone is the oldest operating denim mill in the world and is the last to weave selvedge denim in the US.

Owning a pair of Cone Mills selvedge denim woven at the White Oak plant will not only be a badge of honor but a necessary addition to any serious or aspiring denim heads collection. Do not miss this opportunity to add this quality to your rotation while supplies last.

Fabric Notes:

Before 'slub' yarns there was homespun. When cotton was still hand picked, consistency in yarn uniformity was the ultimate objective. Inconsistencies were frowned upon and perfection was the bar. Fast forward 100 years and what was once deemed as inconsistent is now praised and sought after. Time gives us perspective and we now look upon those years as being the golden era of denim production in the USA and for good reason. There was a ruggedness inherent in denim from that era that has been lost in the automation and homogenization of modern yarn spinning. This homespun quality is as close as we’ll get to experiencing denim from that golden era and we are more than pumped to sew up this drop of Ironside jackets. 

The Ironside Trucker:

The Ironside is the second addition to our jacket selection. The fit is our most universal denim jacket fit for guys as opposed to our Steadfast jacket that is a slim fit. The silhouette is straight on the body with armholes and sleeves designed for maximum mobility and comfort, featuring a total of six exterior/interior pockets incl. side welted, hand warmer pockets that offer style and functionality. Wear it over a white tee shirt or under a vintage leather jacket, its hard to go wrong with this iconic garment.

  • 14.5oz ‘homespun’ yarn 
  • 100% cotton (non stretch) 
  • dark indigo
  • two exterior side (hand warmer) pockets
  • two exterior chest pockets w/ button flaps
  • two interior pockets
  • Interior selvedge plackets
  • Selvedge detail waistband adjustment tab (left side) 
  • Flat felled interior seams.
  • leather cowhide interior patch.