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The American Bandana

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The Necessary Accessory.

 The bandana has a long history that dates back hundreds of years but has been burned into our psyche from images of cowboys, coal miners & pioneers all wearing it in its multiple forms of utility. Whether on the plains of the West or in the coal mines of the East, this simple yet stylish square piece of fabric has long been an essential tool. Before the introduction of the modern medical mask, the bandana was the first and last defense for folks against everything from desert dust and coal dust to the Spanish Flu. 

 Following the recommendation of the CDC for the public to wear masks while outside, along with recent regulations in various communities in Southern California requiring mandatory face masks while out in public, this iconic American western & workwear garment is once again a functional option for the denim head.

 In light of this requirement we will be giving away one free Made In The USA, 100% cotton bandana with every denim purchase*. If you already have a face mask or face covering please feel free to pass it on to any friends or family that might be in need of one.  

 We hope you and your families continue to stay safe and healthy during this time.

*while supplies last