Glory Days Short Sleeve Classic T-Shirt Heavyweight Cotton/Desert Bone


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A True Heavyweight USA Made Cotton T-Shirt.

You'll see the word 'heavyweight' thrown around all to easily these days by t-shirt manufacturers, with weights barely scratching 215gsm. That's not the case with our 285gsm (8.44oz) Glory Days tee. Knit and sewn here at home there is no substitute for authentic heavyweight cotton. Once you've put on one of our tees, you'll immediately understand the difference between a genuine heavyweight t-shirt and a pretender. 



285gsm (8.44oz) of heavy cotton, custom knitted to our specs in Los Angeles.


Production is done in Los Angeles at a manufacturing facility that pays more than a fair wage and employs over 30 full time workers keeping jobs here and money flowing through our local economy.

Considering all of these attributes you would expect our T-shirts to cost double or even triple the price but fortunately, due to our 'Retail Free' e-commerce sales model we are able to source the highest quality cotton T shirts, keep them American Made and offer them at true wholesale.

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