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The Chestnut Leather Belt

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In addition to the exclusive oxblood leather, we have updated our hardware with two chicago screws to secure the buckle instead of the flat head rivets used in past production lots. This makes the buckle interchangeable. Our buckles are now all 16oz solid brass, all American made. Quality belts deserve quality hardware. 

Breaking in this belt is a satisfying process that will see the grain age beautifully and acquire a patina unlike any other belt taking into consideration the unique organic dyeing process.  As far as construction goes, we kept it stitchless as stitching is the main point of weakness on any belt. The strap is edged by hand and is finished with a traditional English point. 

If you are looking for a quality all American made belt that compliments your pair of raw denim then look no further.


9/10 mm Steer full grain leather.

16oz Solid brass heel bar buckle in oxidized black. 

Two Chicago screw rivets.

Cut at standard 1 1/2" wide.

5/8" Single leather keeper.

American Made in Los Angeles.

How to measure for your size:

All Brave Star belt straps are made with 5 holes, spaced 1" apart. The centre hole is the anchor size with the bookend sizes spaced one inch apart. We have taken the guesswork out of figuring out which size you would need and recommend that you buy your jean size in our belts. Example; a size 32 jean size would order a 32" belt. Please take into account that leather will stretch 1-2 inches once broken in so if your belt seems snug in your size at first then that's the correct fit as it will gradually conform and stretch to fit to your waist.