XW Leather Belt in Black Tea-Core (X-Wide 1.75")


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Introducing our new extra wide (XW) leather belts, crafted to endure a lifetime of wear. Featuring a double tongue, roller buckle made with solid brass, a substantial width of 1.75 inches and a thickness of 9/10mm, these belts are your go-to companion for our extra heavy denim, though they pair seamlessly with all of our selvage denim jean weights. The extra width is not purely for aesthetic reasons instead it provides a secure fit and less slippage, making them an ideal choice especially for individuals with flatter glutes who seek a reliable, snug hold around the waist all day and night. Perfect for the denim head who values functionality, authenticity and American craftsmanship, this belt isn't just an accessory, it's a statement of enduring quality made right here in the USA.

What is Tea- Core?

If you are looking for a black belt that will age and wear just as beautifully as your raw denim then a "tea-core" belt is what you're looking for. In fact tea-core is a dyeing process that not only pre-dates most commonly used dip dye methods but in our opinion, it is a superior method due to its poor color fastness (more on that later). Tea-core dyeing results in the skin side color being different from the flesh side color. Traditionally, to achieve this, hides are first dip-dyed in a light brown color. This is followed by spraying the skin side with a darker color top-coating. This dyeing method is often considered undesirable by commercial brands as tea-core leather offers poor ‘colorfastness’. The thin top coat wears-off overtime, gradually exposing the lighter tone of the under layer. If the fast-aging quality of “tea-core” leather is considered a defect by some, it contributes to a rewarding and desirable patina for others.

Breaking in this belt is a satisfying process that will see the grain age beautifully and acquire a patina unlike any other belt taking into consideration the unique tea-core dyeing process.  As far as construction goes, we kept it stitchless as stitching is the main point of weakness on any belt. The strap is edged by hand and is finished with a traditional English point. 

We have taken the guesswork out of figuring out which size you would need and recommend that you buy your jean size in our belts.


All Brave Star belt straps are made with 5 holes, spaced 1" apart. The centre hole is the anchor size with the bookend sizes spaced one inch apart. We have taken the guesswork out of figuring out which size you would need and recommend that you buy your jean size in our belts. Example; a size 32 jean size would order a 32" belt.

  • 9/10 mm Black tea core dyed full grain leather.
  • Solid 2oz brass double tongue roller buckle in antique nickel.
  • Two Chicago screw rivets.
  • Hand stitched leather keeper
    Cut extra wide at 1 3/4" .
  • American raised steer.
  • 5/8" Single leather keeper.
  • American Made in Los Angeles.

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Size: 38

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